What we do

Our consultancy business covers the full breadth and depth of the aviation industry; from aircraft manufacturers to start-up airlines

We help our clients to understand the key trends in the industry; how complex data can be used to make clear tactical decisions. Working with a wide range of global data sources, we also benefit from data and software from RDC, our parent company.

Our extensive experience on a wide range of projects in multiple countries over more than 15 years has allowed us to develop a flexible approach, tailored to the characteristics of the local market, yet grounded in the common human behaviours which drive demand for air travel.

  1. Airport Transaction Advisory

    We have acted as both buy- and sell-side traffic advisors on airport transactions totalling more than £25bn over the past two years. We are trusted for our expertise in passenger forecasting, aeronautical and commercial revenue projections, capacity planning and business strategy.

  2. Demand Forecasting

    We offer robust and tested methodologies for deriving long-term passenger demand from a range of input drivers such as GDP, household income, catchment market share or travel cost. We have advised governments, regulators and airports over a range of time periods stretching out to more than 50 years.

  3. Airline Network Planning

    We have worked with a range of established and start-up airlines in developing an optimised network strategy. We have the breadth of airline experience to understand the full range of factors that have to be considered; from aircraft performance to crew rostering, from fuel prices to passenger demand.

  4. New Route Development

    Our parent company RDC is the leading provider of analysis and support for airport route development, having secured more than 100 new routes over the past five years. We collaborate closely with the RDC team to understand catchment demand and route potential; and how this data can be used to promote the airport to airline decision-makers.

  5. Airline Start-ups

    We have a bespoke financial model for start-up airlines. Using this model, we have provided the business planning for the Middle East’s first low cost carrier Air Arabia, Spice Jet in India and also Air Lithuania. We have also carried out due diligence on behalf of a number of private equity investors evaluating airline investment opportunities.