Aeroportos do Futuro win Galeao Rio de Janeiro International Airport concession

Aviation Economics is pleased to congratulate the Aeroportos do Futuro consortium, which has been granted the concession to run Galeao Rio de Janeiro International Airport, following an offer of 19 billion reals (US$8.3 billion) to Brazil’s national civil aviation agency (ANAC).

Aeroportos do Futuro is a consortium made up of Brazilian construction company Odebrecht (60% stake) and by Singapore's Changi Airport Group Ltd (40% stake), which competed for the tender under the name of Excelente B.V. Galeao’s concession period is for 25 years, with a potential five-year extension.

Aviation Economics provided support to the consortium principally in terms of traffic forecasting and peak hour analysis. Aviation Economics identified demand and opportunities for the airport and also mapped out a 25 year scenario supporting Rio de Janeiro International Airport’s vision.

by Tim Coombs