New Airport Charges tool launched by RDC Aviation

The all-new Airport Charges includes access to a comprehensive global database of airport departure and landing fees, with an easy-to-use online calculator.

Richard Leigh, RDC Aviation Director, outlines the changes: 'The next generation of is designed from the ground up to offer our customers much more accuracy in the way they work with airport charges and fees. The interface is clean, bright, and user-friendly.

This new flexible approach means that users can include time-based charges in their calculations, differentiate between day and night rates, vary charges by bag numbers, children, class of travel and any other inputs. Customers can save their charge calculations, and export them in Excel or PDF format.'

The new system has become an essential tool for many airlines around the world, enabling them to easily validate and cross-check the fees charged at each operating base. It also enables airports to easily benchmark their fees to ensure that their charging structures remain competitive.

'the new system is much more complete'
'great to see calculation details for each fee'
'very user friendly'

The site has been in beta launch with some of our key customers and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Visit the new site at to see how it could help your business save money, benchmark charges, or structure airport fees to maximise revenues.