Welcome to our new Senior Analyst, Mawuse Doe

We are very pleased to welcome Mawuse Doe who has joined the consultancy team as a Senior Analyst.

Mawuse joins Aviation Economics having previously worked in Business Development at the aircraft lessor, Amedeo (previously Doric). At Amedeo, Mawuse provided analysis to support the company in developing financing solutions for aircraft acquisitions and researched individual airline models to identify potential lessees. During her time at Amedeo, Mawuse worked on a marketing campaign for the Airbus A380, and gained experience in sale and leaseback transactions and capital fund raising.

Prior to working in aviation Mawuse gained experience banking, within Credit Suisseā€™s capital markets divisions and in the Investment Banking Division at UBS.

Mawuse has a BSc (Hons) Economics degree from University College London and is a Level 3 candidate for the CFA.