Advent International asked Aviation Economics to provide a traffic forecast for São Paulo

Advent International

Aviation Economics was asked by Advent International to provide a traffic forecast for São Paulo-Guarulhos (GRU) and Brasilia (BSB) airports for the period 2011-2031.

The methodology for the traffic forecasts was similar to that used in the Madrid and Barcelona Airports project. Content of the traffic forecast also included: annual forecasts broken down by airline type; key upside and downside risks to forecasts; constrained and unconstrained demand forecasts; origin and destination split; passenger breakdown by type (departing, arriving, transit and transfer); ATMs and analysis by aircraft category and cargo tonnes (split by import and export).

In addition to the traffic forecasts, we provided our client with a complementary analysis containing: an examination of the position of major airlines using the airports; competitive position of GRU and BSB; relevant government policies impacting performance; long-term views on development of the local aviation market; an assessment of capacity and potential constraints based upon annual traffic and peak time requirements - taking into account type of traffic and service standards; benchmarking of traffic and aeronautical performance; description of market trends, drivers and forecasts; an overview of regulatory structure and the key risks/upsides from regulation.