Air Service Development

To date, we have been instrumental in airports securing over 150 new routes and services across the globe. Airports work with us for our strategic direction, catchment profiling, route forecasts and commercial viability assessments; all tailored to maximise and enhance airline engagement.

  • Airline Engagement
  • Route Development
  • Network Development
  • Passengers and Revenue Forecasting
  • Catchment Modelling
  • Airline Performance Modelling
  • Gap Analysis
  • Airline Business Case
  • Conference Material
  • Passenger Profiling
  • Deal Negotiation

Related Case Studies

Falkland Islands Development Corporation

Assignment: Feasibility study into establishing a second air link and running the international tender process.

The market research and feasibility study investigated a number of different potential destinations on 4 different continents. Detailed traffic and revenue forecasts were built up to understand the potential commercial viability to all destinations, which resulted in the focus on South America.

We then ran a formal international tender process on behalf of the government. Starting with creating a service specification, identifying and contacting all airlines that could operate and evaluation all responses. Following a length evaluation and discussion phase, and based on our recommendations, a preferred airline was appointed.

Highland and Islands Airports

Assignment: Various commercially viability assessments, opportunity development information and airline business cases.

Over a number of years, Aviation Economics has been engaged to provide technical analysis, market research and assessment of air service development opportunities. This has included business cases to be presented to airlines, assistance in the creation of an air services development strategy and ongoing evaluation of current air service performance.

London Airport

Assignment: Creation of an airline business case.

A comprehensive business case, including a four year passenger and revenue forecast was supplied. This was following extensive talks to attract a new airline to operate service. As well as the forecasts, included within the analysis was an assessment of the competitive environment and operating market, assessment of the market profile of the airline and a commercial viability assessment. The airline now successfully operates services from the airport.


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